Getting Fit and Staying Fit

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March 23, 2016

Getting fit and staying fit can be two different things. Getting fit often includes monitored exercise by a professional trainer with increased attention to diet and lots of discipline. It may mean getting out of your comfort zone by trying something new— a 5K or 10K, an outdoor boot camp, a water sport or even simply attacking the rowing machine with more vigor than usual. Staying fit often includes fine tuning what you have already learned but discovering the stamina and drive to keep it fresh, day after day. Living in Ave Maria includes several opportunities to get fit and stay fit.

The soon-to-be opened Ave Maria CrossFit will be open 7 days per week, offering multiple programs for both adults and juniors throughout the day. The core movements of CrossFit reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more with benefits such as strength, agility, power acceleration, and endurance. In the same plaza, Ave Maria Martial Arts welcomes all ages into their 4,000 square foot space with classes that highlight Tae Kwon Do, self-defense strategies, and positive self-image.

Ave Maria is surrounded by over 100 miles of walking, biking, and running trails giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy the southwest Florida sunshine while staying fit. Joining the running club or the tennis club is a great way to get fit and make strong friendship connections with other residents. Studies show that people who work out together stick with their exercise routine longer, lose more weight, and experience less stress. South Park at Ave Maria includes a dog park as well as an amphitheater and picnic amenities, certainly the makings for a great Saturday morning or weeknight evening during spring time in Naples, Florida. The Ave Maria Fitness Center offers Zumba, yoga, and stretching classes for residents as well as the latest in fitness equipment for a convenient daily workout.

Stay on track with healthy eating by visiting Tropical Smoothie in the Town Center, offering lunch options under 500 calories such as the Baja Chicken Flatbread and Thai Chicken Salad. Stock up on natural and organic ingredients at Publix Supermarket in the Town Center, including their own brand, Greenwise.

Staying fit is a commitment to a healthier you- and a happier you! Enjoy the benefits of regular exercise and a healthy diet while living a life made simple in Ave Maria.

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