Locals know to show up early and will be heading straight to their favorite vendors. Stop by the Farmer's Market today between 9-2pm in the Town Center and let us know what your favorite find is. #SWFloridaMarket #AveMariaFlorida #FarmersMarket #supportlocalvendors #optoutside https://t.co/uerk8DnRKH
Will you be attending he Naples St Patrick's Day Parade on Saturday? If so, keep your eyes out for our float! For more information - https://t.co/B4Qh7M9G6v Photo Credit: Naples Daily News https://t.co/g5J43hkwQH
Where everyone enjoys life as it was meant to be lived. #avemariaflorida https://t.co/vE9RoCWX4y
Southwest Florida's Premier Irish Duo will be performing on Thursday in the Town Center from 1-4pm. #BernieGreen #StephenStaddler #LiveMusicThursdays #AveMariaFlorida https://t.co/r2n8TjIzNg
Enjoy an endless array of activities for a lifetime of easy living. https://t.co/43VNDLqvCR
#ResidentPerks Tacosaurus Tuesdays at the Water Park! https://t.co/OWgbCUUtpx
Save your seat at AMU's new theater! "Shakespeare In Performance investigates early modern acting styles, thrust stages practices, & how an acting troupe cooperates & functions in the preparation and performance of plays." https://t.co/2d7pXPhTx5 Credit: @TCurtright @avemariauniv https://t.co/62V2sN8rnB
Can you guess what I am? I have a unique hunting adaptation. At times I drop an insect or twig in the water to attract a fish or minnow. When the fish surfaces to investigate, I snatch the unlucky victim with a lightning strike with my bill. #naplesflorida #mustdo #avemariafl https://t.co/2dT83fUkAm