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Little Learners

Resident Only — Embark on a delightful learning journey with “Little Learners,” a vibrant class for children aged 3 to 6. Guided by the warm and engaging Ms. Lury from Stay & Play, our youngest scholars will discover the magic of the world around them. In this interactive and joyful setting, they will:
• Explore Colors: Dive into a rainbow of possibilities, learning to identify and mix colors.
• Count Numbers: Develop foundational math skills with fun counting games and activities.
• Master the Alphabet: Journey through the alphabet, unlocking the power of letters and words.
• Learn Spanish: children will take their first steps into the vibrant world of the Spanish language.

Ms. Lury’s expertise in early childhood education ensures that each lesson is a perfect blend of fun and learning. With songs, stories, and hands-on activities, “Little Learners” is the ideal place for your child to grow, play, and prepare for a lifetime of learning. Join us for an experience filled with laughter, friendship, and discovery!

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