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Move & Groove with Ms. Lury

Resident Only — “Move & Groove with Ms. Lury” is a lively and interactive class designed for children aged 3 to 6. In this class, our little ones will find their rhythm and express themselves through movement. Ms. Lury, a beloved instructor from Stay & Play, will lead the children through a series of fun, age-appropriate dance activities that encourage:
• Physical Activity: Through dance, kids will improve their coordination and gross motor skills.
• Musicality: They’ll learn to move to different beats and rhythms, enhancing their natural musical sense.
• Social Skills: Dancing together fosters teamwork and helps children develop social bonds.
• Creativity: Each child will have the opportunity to express their unique personality through dance.

This class isn’t just about learning steps; it’s about igniting a passion for music and movement in a supportive and joyful environment. So come join us and let your child “Move & Groove” their way to happiness and health!

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