Summer in Ave Maria, Florida can be fun and adventurous with days filled both indoors and outdoors while making wonderful memories with your children that will last a lifetime.
#ResidentPerks Why dogs & their families love a day in the park in Ave Maria 🐶 Socialization in a safe environment 🐶 Therapeutic 🐶 Exercise for both you and your four legged friend 🐶 Peer advise for dog behavior 🐶 Make new friends 🐶 Fun for pet parents 🐶 Enjoy the outdoors
Orange Jeep Tours offer a variety of distinctly different eco-tour options. An open-air Jeep can accommodate up to six passengers. All ages are welcome on the tours making this a completely family-friendly experience. Credit: #MustDoVisitorsGuide
#ResidentPerks Ave Maria's North Park is located just north of the Town Center and provides an ideal spot for picnics, games, and plenty of fun in the sun. #avemariaflorida #avemariaamenities
Nested in the heart of Collier County, Ave Maria is Southwest Florida’s newest hometown. A town where children ride their bikes to school. Where neighbors are friends and life is good. Where everyone enjoys life as it was meant to be lived.
Over 100 miles of walking, biking, and nature trails wind throughout the town, affording our residents the opportunity to revel in the beautiful outdoors. #communityoftheyear #avemariaflorida #nature
Some of our students had an experience of a lifetime at New York City's Carnegie Hall. Students who live in Ave Maria attending Collier County Public Schools are zoned for Estates Elementary School, Corkscrew Middle School and Palmetto Ridge High School. #avemariaflorida
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How to Plan the Perfect Summer BBQ

How to Plan the Perfect Summer BBQ

June 22, 2016

Planning a summer barbeque can be fun…and challenging. There are so many options for food, décor, activities, and music. You can go classic with hamburgers and hot dogs or you can go modern healthy with grilled fish and cold vegetable salads. The setting usually takes place around a pool or backyard. Refreshing drinks are a must along with great music. However, where does one begin when planning a summer BBQ? Here are five main ingredients to throw the perfect summer outdoor party.

Outdoor, festive party décor sets the mood right away when preparing your summer party. You can host a cost effective BBQ by shopping for your decorations at The Dollar Tree in the Town Center at Ave Maria including tablecloths, napkins, paper plates and more. They even have those red and yellow bottles for ketchup and mustard. Grab some balloons and lawn games too. Or host your outdoor party in a neighborhood park similar to the South Park in Ave Maria with dog park, amphitheater, and bocce.

The food- arguable the best part to any summer BBQ- can become the highlight of your party and you can dress it up or dress it down. First, to save time and energy, begin the planning process by creating a grocery list. Ave Maria’s Publix Supermarket is conveniently located in the Town Center and offers fresh produce, specialty deli platters, cold beer, and grill accessories. They provide great deals on the items you need with weekly specials. You can even browse recipes on the Publix website. This berry shortcake is one of our summer favorites. When guests ask if they can help, ask them to bring their favorite appetizer.

Don’t forget the tunes! It is so important to any function that sets the tone for your party. You can create your own playlist by mixing classic country with island beach reggae and top 40 hits, or you can peruse the top playlists on Spotify, Pandora, or ITunes. We recommend using the set playlists that way you don’t have to worry about what every guest will like. Some of our favorite summer party playlists are BBQ Grillin Mixtape on Pandora or the iTunes music discovery tool.

If you really want to make your BBQ memorable, you can make flavorsome “house” drinks. Pinterest has tons of fun ideas to make your drink stand out from the crowd. Some of these ideas include cutting lemons/limes and putting them in an ice tray to create fancy ice cubes, unique ways to display your side dishes and condiments, and options for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Cool down with some of our favorite summer drinks from Food Network.

The fifth and final ingredient for a successful summer BBQ is friends and family! A summer BBQ is not complete without the people who make you laugh, smile, and relax. Enjoy!