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Maple Ridge Lifestyle Director Creates New Fun for Residents

Erica Fish, Ave Maria Development


Sandy Martinez at the Maple Ridge Club House

Sandy Martinez, Maple Ridge Lifestyle Director

Sandy Martinez is making things happen at The Club at Maple Ridge and she’s loving every minute of it. As the new lifestyle director at the club, which is the amenity complex exclusive to homeowners living in CC Homes’ Maple Ridge and Silverwood neighborhoods, she hasn’t paused planning events.

Sandy has dedicated herself to catering the best and is very excited to announce upcoming gatherings like date nights coupled with entertainment, movie screenings, additional cooking and craft classes for the kids and more.

“You get charged with energy when engaging with others and it only puts a smile on my face to witness how well received my planning has been by the Maple Ridge community,” said Martinez.

Within hours of the Martinez family visiting Ave Maria for the first time, they signed the papers for a new construction home. Relocating from the bustling city of Miami, Florida was a definite transition when settling into the laid-back routine of Ave Maria life, but it was exactly what they needed, recounts Martinez.

“I remember turning to face Sammy [husband] and saying this is where we’re meant to be. Can you feel it too?” she shared. The family would officially become Ave Maria residents in 2017.

Once the last mover box was unpacked, Sandy already had founded two non-profits: The Ave Maria WOW Ladies, dedicated to enhancing the town through activities and volunteer service and Los Adolescentes de Ave Maria (Ave Maria Teen Club).

Any Town Center events, festivities organized by the master association or town businesses, Sandy is sure to promote on her personal social media and group pages – all with thousands of followers – who engage with her content and later share participation content.

Being a catalyst for friendship-making and memories, Sandy has been a landmark for people who live in the CC Homes communities and other parts of Town, and she looks forward to meeting whomever walks into her clubhouse where she can introduce the fun that happens when you become part of Ave Maria.

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