Golf Car Friendly Living in Southwest Florida

Golf Car Friendly Living in Southwest Florida

January 1, 2018

Need to pick up a loaf of bread from the grocery? Meeting a friend for coffee at the local coffee shop? Want to pop in on your neighbor with a batch of freshly baked brownies? Residents living in Ave Maria love to do just that….but in their very own golf car!

Golf cars or golf carts, also known as “low speed vehicles” or “neighborhood electric vehicles”, are perfect for enjoying the self-sustaining Southwest Florida lifestyle in Ave Maria, Florida. While golf carts have traditionally appealed to active adults and retirees in the past, today they retain mass appeal among families and young adults too. The carefree, youthful sensation of riding al fresco with the tropical breeze blowing alongside you all the while you check off your errand list puts a spring in anyone’s step.

What are some popular golf car destinations in Ave Maria? The Dog Park is a popular spot to take your four-legged friend to in the golf car. Safety first! Buckle up Rover in his safety belt and away you go! Moms driving their sons and daughters to little league or soccer practice at the North Park is a common sight in Ave Maria. On many spring evenings you will find a row of golf cars lined up at the outdoor fields. Naturally, the Panther Run Golf Club and the adjacent Rusty Putter restaurant make for the perfect golf car jaunt, whether you’re a golfer or not. Enjoy a frosty brew on the outdoor patio bar at the Rusty Putter.

Oftentimes more economical than a traditional car, golf carts require less maintenance and are less expensive to purchase. Have you seen some of the latest tricked out models? The more gadgets, the better. Each December, Ave Maria hosts a town holiday parade and the Del Webb neighborhood puts on a spectacular, festive golf cart display with decorated carts for everyone to enjoy.

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