How to Pack for Vacation

How to Pack for Vacation

June 30, 2016

Packing for a vacation can be tricky and often overwhelming. Just as you are gearing up for a stress-free trip, you need to somehow determine what are the least amount of items you can bring along with you while still ensuring you have the essentials plus some fun options. With airline baggage weight limits, this is even more crucial as you don’t want to pay for items you won’t wear or use. Organization is key as many of us prefer to carry-on luggage. Here are some successful tips on packing for a trip.

First, always check the weather forecast for your destination. Will it rain? Pack a rain jacket. Is it snowing? Pack an insulated coat. Find items that can do double duty. Maybe your rain jacket has a zip-in liner for when the weather turns cold. These jelly ballet flats make for great rainy day shoes while still appearing fashionable. Always pack a swimsuit. They take up very little space and come in handy at the beach, lake, or the hotel pool and spa. Secret Ingredient in Ave Maria Town Center offers many summer essentials including sandals, children’s bathing suits, sunglasses, accessories, and women’s clothing.

Next, make a list of what you will need to fit into your luggage. You can even jot down your vacation schedule and then plan outfits accordingly with proper shoes, hats, and clothing layers. Also, stick with one color scheme and a few accent colors. For example, pack basic black pants and dresses with black shoes and accent with colored tops, scarves, and accessories. Always make sure you can mix and match at least three outfits from one piece of clothing. Organizing your closet at home can make this task simpler. Imagine if your closet was as large and organized as the master bedroom closets offered by CC Homes in these new Maple Ridge Reserve floor plans.

You are ready to begin packing. Roll items such as shirts, jeans, and sweaters. Turn jackets inside out to keep them from wrinkling. Stuff hats with socks, scarves and undergarments. Include ZipLoc container bags for small toiletries plus add a few empty ones for damp swimsuits or dirty shoes during your trip. Publix Supermarket in Ave Maria sells several handy travel accessories including mini toiletries, ZipLoc bags, and sunscreen. Sunscreen is important year-round if your destination is sunny Southwest Florida. With 266 average days of sunshine each year, Southwest Florida is a popular vacation spot for retirees and families. It’s probably why so many visitors become residents, especially in our rapidly growing town of Ave Maria.

Start your vacation off right with organized, easy packing and enjoy your time of rest and relaxation.

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