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How to Plan the Perfect Summer BBQ

How to Plan the Perfect Summer BBQ

June 22, 2016

Planning a summer barbeque can be fun…and challenging. There are so many options for food, décor, activities, and music. You can go classic with hamburgers and hot dogs or you can go modern healthy with grilled fish and cold vegetable salads. The setting usually takes place around a pool or backyard. Refreshing drinks are a must along with great music. However, where does one begin when planning a summer BBQ? Here are five main ingredients to throw the perfect summer outdoor party.
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Great Gifts for Father’s Day

Father's Day Ave Maria FL

June 8, 2016

Father’s Day is right around the corner! Finding the perfect gift to tell your dad “thank you” and how much you care for him can be a challenge. While the internet and local retailers are stocked with many great items, where can you go to find that perfect gift especially for your dad? Sure, you’ve done the classic gift of a coffee mug, so why not try something different this Father’s Day? Put a twist on a classic gift with a newly updated one. We have put together a list of some creative, and often overlooked top Father’s Day gifts. Enjoy!

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6 Day Trips You Must Do in Southwest Florida

6 Day Trips You Must Do in Southwest Florida Ave Maria FL

May 17, 2016

Whether you’re new to the area, lived here for years, or just visiting, Southwest Florida is packed with amazing day trips to explore. We’ve put together a list for you of nearby top rated Day Trips we highly recommend you try. You can find each activity listed on Trip Advisor, rated at a 4.5/5 star or higher.

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Simple Ways to Get Organized This Spring

Simple Ways to Get Organized This Spring Ave Maria FL

April 11, 2016

Spring is in full swing and nothing feels better than a clean, well-organized home. Don’t let the thought of tackling spring cleaning overwhelm you. By following a few easy steps you can achieve that spring in your step and fresh feeling in your home.

First, check your cleaning agents to ensure they are environmentally-friendly. You won’t want to use products that state “danger” or “harmful if swallowed.” Many safe cleaners can be made from items you already have on hand. Check out How To Make Your Own Green Cleaning Products. One of Ave Maria’s home builders, CC Homes, is already incorporating environmentally-friendly, green building techniques in their new single-family homes. By using suppliers and materials certified to meet Federal green-building standards, CC Homes ensures your new home in Ave Maria will be constructed responsibly with your family and your surroundings in mind.

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Getting Fit and Staying Fit

Beautiful Outdoor Living Ave Maria FL

March 23, 2016

Getting fit and staying fit can be two different things. Getting fit often includes monitored exercise by a professional trainer with increased attention to diet and lots of discipline. It may mean getting out of your comfort zone by trying something new— a 5K or 10K, an outdoor boot camp, a water sport or even simply attacking the rowing machine with more vigor than usual. Staying fit often includes fine tuning what you have already learned but discovering the stamina and drive to keep it fresh, day after day. Living in Ave Maria includes several opportunities to get fit and stay fit.

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